The WGP, or World Grand Prix, is a defunct championship series run on that was one of the predecessors to the GrandPrixGames Super League. The series, which was launched in 2006, folded along with its sister series W300 in mid-2008 due to administrative issues. It was then decided to streamline the two championships into the new GPGSL series. Two seasons were completed, while the third season was forever left incomplete due to the series demise. Coincidentally, the World Grand Prix (later renamed to Flevoland GP) title was revived in 2016 for Season 10 of the GPGSL as the new season-ending race.

Championship winners Edit

Season Drivers' Champion Constructors' Champion Testers' Champion
1 Guilherme Cramer Team Shadow Subaru
2 Diego Noriega Devil Fox Racing


  • Byron van het Bolscher was the leader of the Drivers' Championship in the third season before the series folded. The championship standings for the other titles at the time is not available.
  • Further information about the Testers' Championship has been lost in time.

Notable teams Edit

Several teams from the WGP series later joined the GPGSL.

Key personnel Edit

Many of the key administrators from the series went on to be involved with the GPGSL in similar or different positions.

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