The United States Grand Prix is a regular event on the GPGSL calendar. It has been held eleven times at five different circuits, and has seen eleven different winners. In Season 10, Watkins Glen hosted the event for the first time. In Season 13, the Circuit of the Americas at Austin became the fifth host of the Grand Prix.


Season Driver Constructor Location
2 United Kingdom Stuart Ingers Dark Exploder Racing Indianapolis
3 Netherlands Ricardo van Smirren ItalianEnglish Dynamics
4 United Kingdom Keeley Grant ItalianEnglish Dynamics
5 United Kingdom Ross Cartwright Southern Cross Racing
6 Slovenia Marko Aleksander Team Shadow Laguna Seca
7 Netherlands Ruben Greidanus Team Shadow Road America
9 Australia Ed Greenhalgh Martini Paddock Racing
10 Denmark Michael Pedersen MAC Racing Watkins Glen
11 Germany Christopher Hinz Aston Martin Racing Road America
12 Germany Tobias Kederer Alpha Motorsports
13 United Kingdom Luke Russell Christel VXR Austin
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