Suzuka turn 1

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The Suzuka International Racing Course is a permanent race track located in Ino, Suzuka in Japan. It's one of five tracks that have been part of the GPGSL calendar each season, as such it has a fixed spot since Season 9. John Warrington and Charrel Jalving share the record for most wins, each of them having won the race twice.


Season Event Winner Team Time Laps
1 Japanese Grand Prix Latvia Janis Eglitis Phoenix Racing
2 United Kingdom John Warrington Team Shadow
3 Netherlands Nick van der Voort Velox
4 Australia Matt Houston Velox
5 Netherlands Rick Groeneboer Van Smirren Motorsports
6 Australia Ed Greenhalgh Aston Martin Racing
7 Netherlands Charrel Jalving Martini Paddock Racing
8 Netherlands Charrel Jalving Martini Paddock Racing 41min 32.418s 27
9 United Kingdom John Warrington MAC Racing 41min 24.306s 27
10 Belgium Marcus de Bruyker One Racing 47min 00.938s 30
11 Netherlands Nick Worseling Southern Cross Racing 40min 50.718s 25
12 Uruguay Carlos Rodríguez Maverick Track Performance 39min 32.785s 25
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