Red Bull Ring

Aerial picture of the Spielberg circuit

Spielberg (also known as the A1-Ring, Red Bull Ring and Österreichring) is a motorsport circuit in Spielberg, Austria. It has hosted the Austrian Grand Prix seven times in the history of the GPGSL. Ed Greenhalgh is the driver with the most amount of wins at the circuit (3) and Aston Martin Racing is the team with the most amount of wins (4).

The circuit hosted the first ever GPGSL race in Season 1, won by Monil Santilal.

For Season 11, for a first time the longer & faster version of the track, also called Österreichring, was used. The race, which saw almost half the field crashing out, was won by John Warrington.


Season Event Winner Team Time Laps Layout
1 Austrian Grand Prix Monil Santilal Double F 1h 33m 13.290s 71 A1-Ring
2 Ed Greenhalgh Team Shadow Subaru 1h 01m 53.156s 48
6 Ed Greenhalgh Aston Martin Racing 45m 47.076s 40
7 Ed Greenhalgh Aston Martin Racing 54m 07.622s 47
8 John Maverick Aston Martin Racing
9 Jack Elleker Aston Martin Racing
10 Tobias Kederer Team Shadow
11 John Warrington One Racing 40m 04.668s 30 Österreichring
12 Michael Pedersen MAC Racing 40m 10.444s 30
13 Michael Pedersen MAC Racing 40m 20.146s 30
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