Silverstone aerial

Aerial view showing Bridge and Arena layouts

The Silverstone Circuit is a permanent race track in Silverstone, England. It's one of 5 tracks which held a Grand Prix each season. From Season 2 to Season 9 it was the final race of the season. 4 different layouts have been used for the races: Up to Season 7 the races were held on the Bridge GP Circuit. In Season 8 and Season 9 the new Arena layout was introduced, making the track about 800m longer. For Season 10 the Classic GP layout was used, being the shortest of the 4 configurations. In Season 11 a new layout was introduced, called the NC (no chicanes) layout. It saw modifications to the 2001 layout, with Stowe, Club and Abbey corner restored to their original form.

Ruben Greidanus is record winner on this track, having won 3 consecutive races from Season 6 to Season 8.


Season Event Winner Team Time Laps
1 British Grand Prix Portugal Monil Santilal Double F
2 Netherlands Nick van der Voort Velox
3 United Kingdom Philip Oakley Team Shadow
4 Australia Matt Houston Velox
5 Netherlands Nick van der Voort Aston Martin Racing
6 Netherlands Ruben Greidanus Team Shadow
7 Netherlands Ruben Greidanus Team Shadow 54min 02.466s 40
8 Netherlands Ruben Greidanus Team Shadow 42min 15.339s 27
9 Denmark Michael Pedersen MAC Racing 43min 00.970s 27
10 United Kingdom Dean Kittleson Greidanus Grand Prix 33min 47.521s 32
11 United Kingdom Joseph Gilson Southern Cross Racing 44min 10.664s 36
12 Netherlands Nick Worseling Southern Cross Racing 39min 16.133s 32
13 Ireland Sean O'Neill Alpha Motorsports 36min 49.028s 30
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