Season 15 of the GPGSL started on 31 August 2021, and is expected to finish in mid 2022.

Teams & Drivers

Team Team Owner Engine Tyre No. Race Drivers Rounds No. Test Driver(s) Rounds
Australia.png Tyrant Motorsports Greg O'Brien Mercedes D 1 Belgium.png Marcus de Bruyker 35 United Kingdom.png Charlie Hollidge
2 India.png Aritra Majumdar 36 Australia.png Greg O'Brien
Australia.png MAC Racing Nathan McGregor Honda P 3 Czech.png Dominik Karda 31 Italy.png Sandro Calligaris
4 Germany.png Christopher Hinz 32 Australia.png Nathan McGregor
Switzerland.png Maverick Track Performance John Maverick Porsche S 5 Uruguay.png Carlos Rodríguez 33 Brazil.png Anderson Savio
6 Italy.png Matteo Scala 34 Switzerland.png John Maverick
France.png Ecurie Mistral Eric Moinet Matra M 7 Portugal.png Paulo Silva 37 United Kingdom.png Zak Cronin
8 France.png Nico Beggani 38 France.png Eric Moinet
Australia.png Alpha Motorsports Ed Greenhalgh Renault D 9 Germany.png Tobias Kederer 39 Spain.png Luis de los Ríos 2-
10 Ireland.png Sean O'Neill 40 Australia.png Ed Greenhalgh
Australia.png Demon Racing Glen Sheppard Porsche B 11 Denmark.png Michael Pedersen 41 New Zealand.png Marcus Wright 4-
12 Australia.png Gareth McCarthy 42 Australia.png Glen Sheppard
Brazil.png M.M. MotorSports Natã Cremasco Troller G 14 Brazil.png Vitor Gustavo 43 Hungary.png Bence Szucs
15 Netherlands.png Jeroen Buitenhuis 44 Brazil.png Natã Cremasco
Australia.png Southern Cross Racing Mal Stoddart Renault B 16 United Kingdom.png Joseph Gilson 45
17 United Kingdom.png John Warrington 46 Australia.png Mal Stoddart
United Kingdom.png Christel VXR Chris Copeman Vauxhall M 18 United Kingdom.png Luke Russell 47 Japan.png Ryouichi Sakata
19 United Kingdom.png Michael Soutsen 48 United Kingdom.png Chris Copeman
United Kingdom.png Aston Martin Racing Stuart Ingers Aston Martin P 20 United Kingdom.png Jack Elleker 49
21 Finland.png Aidan Keranen 50 United Kingdom.png Stuart Ingers
Portugal.png Mist Racing Team Giovanna Michail Koenigsegg B 22 North Macedonia.png Ennis Parachki 51 Brazil.png Rodrigo Vilela
23 Canada.png Daniel Bouchard 52 Portugal.png Giovanna Michail

Season Calendar and Results

Rd Grand Prix Track Pole Position Fastest Lap Winning Driver Winning Team Report
1 Australia.png Australian Grand Prix Melbourne Germany.png Tobias Kederer North Macedonia.png Ennis Parachki Germany.png Tobias Kederer Australia.png Alpha-Renault Report
2 Japan.png Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka Uruguay.png Carlos Rodríguez Italy.png Matteo Scala Uruguay.png Carlos Rodríguez Switzerland.png MTP-Porsche Report
3 South Africa.png South African Grand Prix Kyalami Report
4 Austria.png Austrian Grand Prix Spielberg Report
5 Europe.png European Grand Prix Donington Park Report
6 Portugal.png Portuguese Grand Prix Portimão Report
7 Brazil.png Brazilian Grand Prix Interlagos Report
8 Canada.png Canadian Grand Prix Montreal Report
9 Turkey.png Turkish Grand Prix Istanbul Report
10 Netherlands.png Dutch Grand Prix Emmeloord Report
11 Germany.png German Grand Prix Hockenheim Report
12 Belgium.png Belgian Grand Prix Spa-Francorchamps Report
13 Italy.png Italian Grand Prix Monza Report
14 United Kingdom.png British Grand Prix Silverstone Report