Pulsar Racing Team, also known as Pulsar or by its abbreviation PRT, is a British former GPGSL racing team. It was founded by team owner Jake Legge. The team was supposed to enter the GPGSL in Season 11 as replacement for True North Racing, however they had to withdraw before the season even started, making it the team with the shortest career history in GPGSL. The record was previously held by Team RAC with one appearance at the opening round of Season 1.

Racing HistoryEdit

Season 11Edit

Pulsar S11

Pulsar was set to enter the GPGSL after its entry had been accepted by the board, but on a suddenly turn of events team owner Jake Legge decided to cancel the project. The team would be powered by Mazda engines and Dunlop tyres. Drivers Natã Cremasco and Chris Warrington were already signed for the team, and were taken by Pulsar's substitute Tyrant Motorsports.


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