Interlagos aerial

Aerial view of the track

The Autódromo José Carlos Pace, also known by its former name Interlagos, is a permanent race track in São Paulo, Brazil. Since Season 2 it hosts the Brazilian Grand Prix. Record winners are Ed Greenhalgh, Marko Aleksander, and Tobias Kederer, each of them with 2 wins.

In the Season 6 race, John Warrington crossed the line as first, but was handed a 12.5s penalty for failing to pit twice, demoting him to second.


Season Event Winner Team Time Laps
2 Brazilian Grand Prix Australia Matt Houston Velox
3 Netherlands Rick Groeneboer ItalianEnglish Dynamics
4 Slovenia Marko Aleksander Martini Paddock Racing
5 Slovenia Marko Aleksander Team Shadow
6 Australia Ed Greenhalgh Aston Martin Racing 58min 09.278s 48
7 Australia Ed Greenhalgh Aston Martin Racing 57min 50.337s
8 Germany Tobias Kederer Team Shadow 40min 52.476s 33
9 Netherlands Charrel Jalving Martini Paddock Racing 40min 49.390s 33
10 United Kingdom Jack Elleker Aston Martin Racing 42min 09.727s 33
11 Germany Tobias Kederer Alpha Motorsports 55min 51.934 36
12 United Kingdom Joseph Gilson Southern Cross Racing 40min 26.024 30
13 Denmark Michael Pedersen MAC Racing 38min 31.191 30
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