Hockenheim old

Aerial picture of the Hockenheimring


Hockenheimring Classic layout


Hockenheimring Modern layout

The Hockenheimring is a motorsport race track located near Hockenheim in Germany that has regularly hosted the German Grand Prix. With the exception of Season 7, it has always been part of the GPGSL calendar. In Season 3 there were two events at the circuit, one on the old layout and one on the new (known as the European Grand Prix).


Season Event Winner Team Time Laps Layout
1 German Grand Prix Portugal Monil Santilal Double F 1h20m00.635s 40 Classic
2 Germany Kevin Schröder Van Smirren Motorsports by Minardi 39
3 Australia Mal Stoddart Phoenix Racing 1h11m56.683s 45 Modern
European Grand Prix United Kingdom Philip Oakley Team Shadow Subaru 1h16m54.166s 39 Classic
4 German Grand Prix Australia Matt Houston Velox 1h03m25.456s 45 Modern
5 United Kingdom Dean Kittleson Southern Cross Racing 54m25.625s 30 Classic
6 Switzerland John Maverick Alpha Racing Team 59m03.523s 42 Modern
8 Switzerland John Maverick Aston Martin Racing 32m54.571s 20 Classic
9 United Kingdom Joseph Gilson Southern Cross Racing 33m55.195s 20
10 Netherlands Charrel Jalving Martini Paddock Racing 33m53.045s 20
11 United Kingdom Joseph Gilson Southern Cross Racing 40m48.186s 24
12 Portugal Paulo Silva Ecurie Mistral 41m21.353s 24
13 Germany Tobias Kederer Alpha Motorsports 41m14.527s 24
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