Christel VXR is a new team for season 6 of the GPGSL. The team is owned by Captinfranko (Chris Copeman) and will use Bridgestone tyres and VXR branded Vauxhall engines.

Sponsorship and corporate links

The team is heavly linked with other branches of the Christel brand such as Christel Doctor Who and title sponsorship is provided jointly by Apple Computers and Coca-Cola. As a result of signing Juliano Muller for Season 6 the team will also feature Petrobras sponsorship on the cars.


The Christel VXR team lineup for season 6 will feature two race drivers with little race experience. Chris Copeman made it clear from the start that the team was focussed on bringing through young and upcoming talents and signalled this intention with the signing of GPGSL debutant Mirko Vukcevic as a test driver for the teams first season. To aid his development before his first full season as a test driver Vukcevic was loaned out to Snake Motorsports for the remainder of Season 5 of the GPGSL.

Juliano Muller and Jack Elleker will be the teams race drivers for its full season of the GPGSL. The two drivers are no strangers to each other, having worked together previously as test drivers at Alpha racing. Copeman neglected to take the remaining test seat at the team and instead elected to stay on as a test driver at Van Smirren racing for season 6. Van Smirren team boss Rico Van Smirren will move in the other direction and become the teams second test driver.

Below is the teams full driver lineup for season 6...

Race Driver 1 - Jack Elleker

Race Driver 2 - Juliano Muller

Test Driver 1 - Connor Steer

Test Driver 2 - Rico Van Smirren


Chris Copeman has already confirmed that the teams first car will be powered by VXR branded Vauxhall power-plants and the chassis will be named the CVXR001. The car had an initial shakedown at the hands of Chris Copeman in a private session shortly after it was announced that the team would be entering the GPGSL in season 6.

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