The Belgian Grand Prix is one of the seven permanent events on the GPGSL calendar. The famous Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in the Ardennes forest hosted it for 12 straight seasons, before the event moved to Zolder in Season 13, with Spa hosting the European Grand Prix in that season.

Notable events Edit


Season Driver Constructor Location
1 Slovenia Marko Aleksander Minardi Spa-Francorchamps
2 Australia Matt Houston Velox
3 United Kingdom Ross Cartwright Lucky Seven Racing
4 Australia Matt Houston Velox
5 Netherlands Nick van der Voort Aston Martin Racing
6 Australia Ed Greenhalgh Aston Martin Racing
7 Australia Ed Greenhalgh Aston Martin Racing
8 Australia Ed Greenhalgh Aston Martin Racing
9 United Kingdom Jack Elleker Aston Martin Racing
10 Netherlands Charrel Jalving Martini Paddock Racing
11 United Kingdom Joseph Gilson Southern Cross Racing
12 Denmark Michael Pedersen MAC Racing
13 United Kingdom Luke Russell Christel VXR Zolder
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